Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Peehu's Art of Cooking is a food blog, written and photographed by Prashasti aka Peehu.

I live with my husband and my Kitchen Aids in a small cozy setting in Mumbai.
A self-confessed foodie and a bit of a kitchen control freak, I can often be found flagging pages of online recipes with huge bookmarks on my navigation tab. I’m nitpicky about little things.I have a sweet tooth and a penchant for food with big, bold flavours. I’m a terrible perfectionist. I love fine dining but my heart lies in street food – dirty, dodgy, side of the road, hands on kind of food. 
For me, food is about sharing. When I was younger, I remember guarding recipes like they were secrets – they were only to be shared with family, and then only if they begged for it.  I bought recipe books then spent hours testing, tweaking and perfecting recipes only to have them eaten by the few people around me. They’d ask me for recipes and I’d smile knowingly and say it was a family secret. It was only when I was following all online shows and all in TLC ,NDTV etc etc, I realised what if I can be less possessive of my recipes and share them with people around . I already have people I am over possessive about ;) So, here are the recipes I have had the pleasure of sharing with my family and friends. I hope that they become a part of your family’s meals and have a regular place at your table.


  1. Peehu .Your recipes are too unique and one of a kind.You have a great scope of taking it on a bigger platform.The best thing about your blog and methods are 1) you use ingredients that one need not struggle much in the market and 2)You explain it in a very easy and uncomplicated linguistic. I am sure lot of ladies ,including me would be added in your fan club by now. Wish you all the very best for the great work and happy cooking.!.......Isha Kashyap

    1. OMG Isha itns saari tareef ... Jerry khush ho gayi :)